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How To Make A Pom Pom!


I get it. It’s the holidays, and you have no time for pom pom making! Or so you think! I promise you a quick easy tutorial that will have you shouting “HEY, MICKEY” with a bunch of pom poms filling your work table! Check out the VIDEO TUTORIAL NOW!

You need:
A pair of sharp scissors
Yarn (any variety)
Or ditch the card board and pen for a set of FINGERS!

  1. Cut a 4 inch piece of yarn and place the string of yarn in the middle of your cardboard U-shape, or fingers as you give a horizontal peace sign

  2. Now, use the spool of yarn to wrap around the middle of your U or two fingers until it is completely covered (anywhere between 30-50 wraps depending on the desired size of pom pom)

  3. Use the 4” string of yarn to tie a tight knot around all the yarn you just wrapped

  4. Remove from cardboard U-shape or fingers

  5. Spread out all the loops created from your knot and cut them in half

  6. Give your pom pom a haircut to make all the yarn the desired same length

  7. Voila! Shake out your pom pom and enjoy!